Application Programming Interface(API)

What is an API?

The acronym API stands for, Application Programming Interface which is a software intermediary that allows two applications to talk to each other. It acts as a medium that allows programs to communicate with each other and process requests.

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An additional level of security

The way API’s work are solely to retrieve the information that has been requested by the server. Both parties only communicate with small packets of data therefore only sharing what is necessary and keeping the rest secure.

How our API's work for you !

  • We connect your algorithmic trading programs to the Order Management System (OMS) through the use of our API’s.
  • This gateway/connectivity will allow clients to programmatically drive orders and strategies.
  • Clients have the ability to connect their algorithms written in several coding languages such as, C++, Python, Java, C# and etc with our API’s.
  • We provide consistent and custom support, helping market participants materialise their investment dreams.
  • Continuous IT services for the maintenance of the API’s and algorithms
  • We provide the facilities to securely host your trading strategies onto our cloud platform to minimize downtime and increase reliability.
  • How are we better?

  • With our clients’ as our number one priority, finding solutions to their problems is what we strive to do.
  • We work very closely with our clients, trying to identify their exact needs and in return produce custom solutions.
  • Let us know your needs and we will find a way to assist you.
  • We can help clients fill a short term need or assist you with a long term solutions.
  • Interactive user interface as the user’s accessibility is one of our main priorities