Algorithmic Trading

What is Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithmic trading or black-box trading is a computer programmed trading system which follows a defined set of instructions using complex mathematical models and formulas to make high-speed decisions and transactions in the financial markets.

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Why choose Algorithmic Trading?

Algorithm programs are professionally developed to automate any trading strategy allowing for custom, high-speed trading in which we can trade bulk orders at any juncture of the market without the latency of the trade.

Stress Free

The volatility of trades make the risk management of a daily trading portfolio very stressful and difficult to manage. However, having these programs in place allows us to see in real time what our positions are as well as run strategies to find new trading opportunities thus assisting us with decision making.


Having all the execution and management of traders occurring coherently, we as retail investors have the opportunity of seeing our positions in real time. Thus giving us 100% visibility on what is occurring and the assurance of being able to stop or start.

Accuracy and Speed

With automation, large volumes of market data can be automatically processed, analysed and thus allowing the program to execute large quantities of trades. Moreover, with the power of speed, customers are able to benefit from the marginal price differences which would normally take a physical person to long to process.

Why us?

Let us make your transition to automated trading easier

Programing Services

  • Tailored programming services are provided to help clients convert their trading strategies into algorithm models to be used by our API’s
  • Assistance in automating existing trading systems and platforms to make them accessible for all market participants
  • Algorithm simulation with current market data to test your algorithms using a robust stimulated machine engine.
  • Training

  • IT training and educational workshops can be organized to assist clients with writing their own algorithmic programs.
  • Educational courses for algorithm programming development
  • Accessibillity

  • Manage your algo's from anywhere; may it be from your desktop, laptop, mobile phone or tablet.
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