About Us

About Us - Dagang Algomecs Sdn. Bhd.

Dagang Algomecs Sdn. Bhd. (Algomecs or DASB) is a technology company engaged in API connectivity, automation of trading strategies and marketing of such solutions.

We are also involved in a variety of educational services, such as seminars and talks, targeted to encourage the younger and present generation to venture into automated trading and to keep themselves at the forefront of technological advancements.

Algomecs consists of a diverse team that is strongly motivated to disrupting the playing field as well as challenging it. We encourage creative and innovative mindsets to join us in taking a step forward, bringing us closer to an automated trading environment. We are looking forward to working and collaborating with other institutions to achieve our goals.

Algomecs operates in Malaysia and is located in the golden triangle of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

Our Mission

  • Make automated trading programs and platforms accessible to all market participants.
  • To provide a platform for the testing, marketing and perfromance tracking of Algorithms.
  • Deliver superior financial returns through robust and reliable automated trading strategies.
  • Our Vision

    Investment protection via structured product to be the leading solutions for automated trading in Malaysia.

    Our Ambition

    To develop and expand the automated trading markets in Malaysia by actively seeking strategic partnership.

    The Management Team

    Farid Fadhly Haron

  • Futures Broker Representatives with RHB Investment
  • MBA Finance (UPM)
  • Bachelors of Industrial Computing (UKM)
  • Teh Yeon Sziang

  • Founder of VTS Program and HRMS Risk Management System
  • 8 years as Futures Broker Representatives
  • Bachelors of Actuarial Science (UKM)
  • Khairul Izuan A. Karim

  • Local participant, Phillip Futures
  • Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering (UTM)
  • Chaves Jenn

  • Doctor of Business Administration (EUR)
  • MEng Engineering and Technology Management (AUS)
  • MEng Advanced Manufacturing Technology (AUS)
  • BEng(Honours) Mechanical and Advanced Manufacturing (AUS)
  • Comel Hartini

  • 6 year experience with Investment grants for start up business
  • Diploma in Electromechanical Engineering (UKL)
  • Investors :